Janas Equestrian Club The Paddock


We are a center for the development of equestrian sport, directed to all those who enjoy horseback riding for either recreation or sport..

With capacity for over 100 students ( both Portuguese and international), we offer a wide range of infrastructures and services that are ideal for amateur and professional riding welcoming all who are interested in riding as a recreational activity or a sport.

Created in 1982, and under new management since 2009, Janas Equestrian Club The Paddock has a technical team certified by the Portuguese Equestrian Federation, one that is especially suited for the training of qualified athletes, trainers and riding targeted for lovers of this sport, with different technical levels.

Clube Equestre de Janas o Paddock

The recognition of the technical level of our team has meant that at the Equestrian Club Janas The Paddock we have not only young riders who begin the practice of riding with the vaulting and who intend to evolve in the various disciplines, but also great competition athletes currently entering recognized national and international competitions.

Located in   Janas on the Rua de Alecrim, the Club facilities at the Equestrian Club Janas The Paddock are part of a protected nature area and surrounded by a vast expanse of pine forest, assuring its users an environment of particularly quiet and private training.

Thanks to its prime location, Janas Equestrian Club The Paddock allows for equestrian excursions, offering customers the opportunity to be able to visit places of historical and natural interest such as monuments, country estates, golden sandy beaches and rugged cliffs with magnificent outcroppings.


Keenly focused on its facilities, services and the technical quality of its professionals, the Equestrian Club Janas The Paddock stands out as an ideal spot for the practice of horse riding and as a center of reference for qualified training athlete’s At the same time, it has kept alive the strong tradition of equestrian tourism that has always existed in Sintra, one combining the best of the mountains, the sea and hunting on horseback.

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